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Name:Stian Hagen Nationality:Norway Team:DB International Style:Freeride

Clame of Fame

Stian Hagen has contributed to the design of several Völkl ski models, the most recent being the Kuro, which is a powder fatski with a rocker design. He is best known for his graceful big mountain lines and fluid turns.


Born: 22/4/74

Where you learned to ski: Norway

Where are you living now: Chamonix

Favourite mountain and favourite line: Aiguille du Verte and The Sphynix Alaska

Best Moment in your career: Going to Antarctica

Favourite place to visit: Alaska

Your best trip: Antarctica

Dream’s Trip: Ski Touring in Japan.

How is to be married with a pro freerider of the level of Andrea? Perfect combination.

Will be your child the best freerider ever? Dna… maybe, if he learns how to sleep.

Some wisdom words: The best way of surviving an avalanche is by not getting caught.

Hobbies : Roadbiking, Climbing, Mountainbiking, Surfing, Cooking

Motto : Anything is possible


Lupo SP I.D.

Lupo SP I.D.


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