Calzaturificio Dal Bello s.r.l. is engaged in the development, design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of technical sports footwear products. We exist for the sole purpose of producing technically excellent products that satisfy the commercial needs and requirements of our distribution partners and the performance and comfort needs of the end users.


Is to maintain and expand our position as a leading supplier in the worldwide winter sports industry.
To this end, we are committed to maintaining highly trained and motivated employees and distribution partners who are dedicated to providing professional and excellent service to our customers.
We are committed to achieving our goals based on the guiding principles of honesty, trust, integrity, respect, effective communication and quality leadership.


Be the most reliable business partner to our associates and customers in order to earn their confidence and loyalty each day. Constantly seek innovative technologies and manufacturing efficiencies in the relentless pursuit of product excellence. Know our business intimately by continually researching the market, communicating with our sales people and our customers, and maintaining our passion for the skiing.
Create an energetic and stimulating work environment for our employees in order for them to develop their skills and utilize their abilities to the maximum potential. Demand professional conduct as a team - corporately and individually.


Invest in and seek out new materials, manufacturing, designs, and technologies in order to develop innovative world class products. Stay informed about the businesses we serve by participating in the sports, studying the markets, and communicating with. Recruit and Invest in high quality, motivated employees, and support a work environment that encourages creativity and ingenuity for problem solving.
Support the success of our distribution partners by investing in innovative and creative marketing and advertising campaigns. Develop and disseminate comprehensive product, market, and business information educational campaigns to help our business partners to be the best in their field.

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9 days ago

#DB Team Rider #MarkusEder's tweaking a little bow'n arrow with his #Dalbello Ski #Boots! #DBTeam pic.twitter.com/QxZM76YGBy

14 days ago

#TBT to the Olympics in #Sochi2014 with DB Team Rider Emma Dahlström! pic.twitter.com/o4mz3RyuMp

18 days ago

Where to find Nick Goepper this summer? At Woodward at Copper soon and Woodward Tahoe later! See ya there! pic.twitter.com/Nq3NEgmNm3

21 days ago

#TBT 1st place at the SFR Tour Vars 2014 for @McRae_Williams ....check the podium runs video youtube.com/watch?v=lNT3PF…

22 days ago

#DBparty: THE EXTRAORDINARY DALBELLO TEAM IN AN UNIQUE VIDEO! youtube.com/watch?v=zLoSV7… pic.twitter.com/LO3SEFMzck

23 days ago

"76-40": a book dedicated to the story of Alessandro Dalbello and the 40 years of his company!youtube.com/watch?v=VNIW-X… pic.twitter.com/Enne1wE5pX

24 days ago

The “azzurri” Giorgio Rocca and Kurt Ladstaetter are paying a tribute to the amazing and unique Alessandro Dalbello pic.twitter.com/NXkynJ7aUr

24 days ago

#DBparty Marielle Thompson (gold) Devin Logan (silver) and David Morris (silver) had a blast during the party! pic.twitter.com/bieakUqRLm

4 hours ago

Emma Dahlström: Hello! So much fun to do snorkeling in Gili, clear water and turtles! :D instagram.com/p/q1DjLmGPD6/

7 hours ago

sam smoothy: Been great hanging with my long lost brother @benjaminjamescaldwell with the #sunshine bouncing off his lustrous... fb.me/1oJktldTZ

10 hours ago

Russ Henshaw: Just when you think you've hit your limit, you build it bigger. @RussHenshaw on location filming for… instagram.com/p/q0L4htjAfV/

12 hours ago

Stian Hagen: @andiweimann scores!!! Assist @DarrenBent !

2 days ago

Emma Dahlström: Sunset at kuta :) new update on my blog about my ongoing trip to the southern hemisphere (link in… instagram.com/p/qy0GFjGPGw/

2 days ago

Emma Dahlström: Bali | Vacation wp.me/p2UxAi-xC

2 days ago

sam smoothy: The amazing #light the @ColabCreative boys #love up mt cook for our @thenorthface trip check out the edit linked... fb.me/2mWsUEE2R

2 days ago

sam smoothy: The amazing #light that the @ColabCreative boys #love up my cook. Check the full edit in my profile @thenorthface... fb.me/2ILvOGEY8