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Name:Glen Plake Nationality:USA Team:DB Icons Style:Freeskier

Clame of Fame


Skiing Icon and Dalbello Team member, Glen Plake, was inducted into The US Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame in alpril 2011 . Plake joins a select group of people who have been most influential to the US Ski Industry. “It was just a matter of time”, says Scott Russo, V.P of US Sales for Dalbello Skiboots, who was on hand for the induction ceremony. “Glen has contributed to every aspect of the sport of skiing from pushing the level of skiing itself to developing innovative products as well as serving as the most passionate ambassador the industry has ever seen. There is no one more deserving of this honor”.

As the Hall of Fame put it: With his signature multi-colored Mohawk hairstyle and his unrelenting enthusiasm for skiing, Glen Plake is certainly the best-known and recognizable skier in the world. The three time World Hot Dog skiing champion has become the symbol of the fun, joy and spirit of skiing. His outstanding ability on skis and personality have made him a skiing film star and many of the films that he has appeared in are now classics in the industry including “The Blizzard of Aahhh’s” “Fistful of Moguls”, “License to Thrill”, “The Edge of Never, and this year “Legend of Aahhh’s.” His television, and magazine appearances aswell as commentary work is seemingly endless. He continues to promote skiing at all levels from his high altitude expeditions around the world to his “Down Home Tour” where Glen and his wife Kimberly ski at local areas around the United States.

at this poin of your carrear what is freeride for you ?
Freeride is the new marketing word - they change it every few years - but it is what i have been doing for a long time.  skiing.
what would you recommend to a skier that want to follow your traces ?
Don't follow peoples tracks it's dangerous, but really if you believe in something then pursue it.
what do you think about the ski material evolution ?
I wish it could evolve faster than it is, but the market won't allow it.... I would like to see things lighter less bulky.
what have inspired you creating v.i.r.u.s. ?
I have been modifying my own touring boots for years,  and because of new interest in ski mountaineering, dalbello wanted to create a boot similar to what i was creating for myself to be available to the public.  skis well walks well.
how you figure your future as a skier?
 i continue to evolve because i am involved.  i try to constantly inspire myself it's been working.
can you tell us something more about the documentary that you are part of it?
The edge of never is a film that explores the realities of what we do, the fact is, it's dangerous and unfortunately we have lost some close friends/ fathers/sons/daughters.....WE Do not do this for adrenaline rush, that's not what it is about.  this film is a true story that ties several skiers together through thier stories.
what's your plans for this season?
Downhome tour usa pacific northwest through mid january, then russia, france, finland with some trade shows in between a couple weeks in california in the spring and hopefully put together another expedition for may.






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