Dalbello DB Team


Name:Kevin Rolland Nationality:France Team:DB International Style:Freestyle

Clame of Fame

2009 Superpipe FIS World Champion 2010 Winner of the “King of Style” event 2010 Winter XGames Gold Medal / Aspen 2010 Winter XGames Gold Medal / Tignes 2011 Overall Superpipe Champion Winter Dew Tour 2011 Winter XGames Gold Medal / Aspen 2011 Winter XGames Gold Medal / Tignes 2011 Superpipe FIS World Champion


Date Of Birth: 10/08/1989
Sponsors: Nike,Sosh,Monster,Coreupt, Bmw, La Plagne, Puressentiel, Dalbello,Giro,
Lives In: La Plagne
Who are you?
Accomplishments: 4 times XGames gold medalist,world champion FIS 2009, AFP 2011
2 times DEW cup winner
How did you arrive into Freeskiing?
I’ve always loved Freestyle skiing since i’m a little kid, it makes me happy. We can be innovative and create new tricks in the air, it’s never boring and that’s why i chose this sport
What is the secret to win so much?
Passion and Determination,
Which victory give you more satisfaction?
I think the first time i won the X Games in 2010
And your progression? Where you will see yourself in 5 years?
That’s a good question.. I will still be on my skis that’s for sure, my goal is to continue doing the things that others can’t do and try to stay the best.
Can u describe your style?
it’s tough to talk about your own style… You should ask what other people think
How you can handle all the pressure?
i get pretty stressed out when i’m not on the skis because i think too much and I feel guilty about not skiing but as soon as i’m on my skis i stop over thinking.
How much mental strength you need to compete at this level?
I think it’s the biggest part of being an athlete. You can be the best rider in the world but if you don’t have the mental you have nothing.
When you have some days off skiing what are you doin’?
i try to spend some time with my girlfriend and see my family
What is skiing for you?
its just my life, skiing gives me everything i need to be happy in life
Sometimes isn’t competing annoying?
Yes especially during bad weather, it’s so frustrating when you’re trying a new trick that you can’t do it because there is no speed or no visibility
Which are the best spots in the different continents?
in Europe i really love La Plagne for the backcountry there are some really insane mountains out there, and in the US i like Breckenridge because of the perfect half pipe and the slope style is amazing


Kr 2 PRO I.D.

Kr 2 PRO I.D.


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