Athlete Interview: Nick Goepper

Got a chance to catch up with Nick Goepper, the 18 year old from Lawerenceburg Indiana that has been busy making a name for himself in freeskiing.
TSM: How old were you when you started skiing?
Nick: I was 5 years old when my mom first put me in ski lessons.
TSM: What was the first mountain/hill you went to?
Nick: I grew up skiing on a 300 vertical foot hill in southeastern Indiana known as Perfect North Slopes.
TSM: First pair of skis?
Nick: I think they were a pair of K2 Public Enemy Juniors that were barely even twin tipped.

TSM: When did you realize skiing was going to be a major part of your life?
Nick: I was always a four seasons kind of guy, doing a different activity every few months. I always wanted to excel in some kind of sport whether that was soccer, skiing, rollerblading, or swimming. It was when I started doing well in contests and traveling a little bit that I realized that I wanted skiing to be a big part of my life.

TSM: What mountain do you spend most of your time at?
Nick: This year I have been spending a lot of time in Breckenridge and in the summers I live at Mt. Hood in Oregon. Also, I ski at Carinthia at Mount Snow which is sick!

TSM: How many days do you get on the hill per year?
Nick: I don't even know... probably at least 200 or something like that.

TSM: Need to know, what's going through your head when you're doing a double cork? ... Happy, fun thoughts. Double corks are one of the most fun things I have ever done on skis. Honestly I think I am smiling ear to ear most of the time I do them!

TSM: Any pre competition routines/superstitions?
Nick: Usually I get super focused and say a little prayer and then drop in for the ride!

TSM: Big Question.. Night comps or day comps?
Nick: Man, both are wicked fun. I would have to say night though. There is just something about the lights and fans that makes the atmosphere electric and fun. X Games in Aspen this year was wild.

TSM: Favorite comp of the year?
Nick: Definitely Winter X Games in Aspen.
TSM: Winning a contest, what's that like?
Nick: It's pretty awesome! More so I like to think of it as just another day skiing with your buddies and you just happened to ski really well.

TSM: So do listen to any music while you shred?
Nick: I usually don't ski with music but when I do, I'm jamming out to dance music and mashups and stuff like that. I also mix in some hip hop in there as well as rock and roll!.

TSM: Tips for the young shredders out there?
Nick: Have as most fun as you possibly can and surround yourself with people that will push you if you want to get better. And always remember to keep your tips up!

TSM: Any Shouts Outs?
Nick: My family, my sponsors (Dalbello Ski Boots, Kicker, Marker, The Matterhorn, Mount Snow, Smith, Under Armour, Volkl and Windells Academy) and god for making this all happen.

TSM: How do fans get in touch with you?
Nick: You can find my fan page on Facebook if you just type in my name Nick Goepper. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @nickgoepper.
Thanks for taking the time to do the interview man, good luck, keep killing it.
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Athlete Interview: Russ Henshaw

After Austrailian Native, Russ Henshaw stomped the Triple Cork 1440 off the 80ft table yesterday in Åre, Sweden at JOI (Jon Olsson Invite) he took a few minutes to answer some of my questions.
TSM: How old were you when you started skiing?
Russ: I was 3 or 4 years old on a family ski trip.
TSM: What was the first mountain/hill you went to?
Russ: I think it was Thredbo in Australia.
TSM: First pair of skis?
Russ: Not sure as they were race skis.
TSM: When did you realize skiing was going to be a major part of your life?
Russ: as soon as I clipped into them for the first time
TSM: What mountain do you spend most of your time at?
Russ: Perisher in Australia as its the longest I'm in one spot. Other than that it might be Breckenridge.
TSM: How often do you make it back home?
Russ: Maybe 2 months every year and the rest of the time I am traveling for competitions.
TSM: It's hard to believe you had a major surgery during the summer. How did you get back into prime shape so quickly?
Russ: I worked as hard as I could for 6 months straight. I was in the gym 6 days a week twice a day with physio on top of that as well.
TSM: Put your skiing style into words if you can?
Russ: FUN. I have a lot of fun when I ski and I hope that shows when Im skiing
TSM: Any pre competition routines/superstitions?
Russ: I just need to be skiing with music and then I'm fine.
TSM: Night comps or day comps?
Russ: Both are super fun. Night is cool because the light is consistent, only thing that sucks about them is its way colder haha!
TSM: Favorite comp of the year?
Russ: Probably JOI. It has a perfect jump and a sick atmosphere.
TSM: Winning a contest, what's that like?
Russ: Unreal. Feels so good to know you did everything you could to win.
TSM: Favorite trick to throw?
Russ: Either a cork 360 or a flat 540.
TSM: What's going through your head when your double corking off of a 70ft kicker?
Russ: Nothing haha! I am listening to music and not focusing. Because if I focus I end up screwing the trick up!
TSM: Tips for the young shredders out there?
Russ: Just have fun. If you're having fun and loving it, good things will happen.
TSM: Any Shout outs or thank yous?
Russ: I want to thank my girlfriend Laura for supporting me along with my parents and then also all my sponsors: Redbull, Volkl, Adidas, Leki, Dalbello and Perisher.
TSM: How do fans get in touch with you?
Russ: My site www.Russhenshaw.com, Facebook, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @RussHenshaw.

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On the Road with Russ Henshaw

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WSI marks a great season finale for Dalbello

April 27th 2012 _ The competition season ended with a great result for the DALBELLO Team. After a vinter of skiing at the tip of the game , Emma Dahlstrom conquered the first step on the podium in Whistler in the Big Air Competition ! On the men’s side, Russ henshaw took fome a bronze in the Big Air event and earned a respectable 4th spot on the slopestyle competition. A great come back season after major knee surgery for Russ !
Congratulations to Emma and Russ !


Dalbello Krypton STORM: best ski boot in the planet

14 April 2012 – Everybody have heard about the Oscar, the Emmys, the Grammys…there are thousands of prizes out there to celebrate every single thing! That is what made Wendy Clinch, founder of the biggest On Line Women Skiing Community of the planet, TheSkiDiva.com that counts more than 3200 registered users and thousand visitors each month, to let the world know what women acknowledge being “the best” for what concern the ski in all its aspects: from the best ski areas to the best outfit and ski tool. The winners of this survey started one year ago, won the “Mountain Top of the Picks 2012” award.
Today the winners have been announced and with big surprise our Dalbello Krypton STORM have won the prize as best women ski boot! Also Völkl with its Tierra and Aura skis have been judged as best skis for the Front Side and All Mountain Categories.
Unlike the Oscar, none golden or crystal statue was assigned to the winners, but with no doubts we must be pleased of being the choice of the biggest On Line Women Skiing Community in the world!


Lukas Shaefer wins The North Face Nine Battle

DALBELLO team Rider Lukas Shäfer is on fire: After his victory at the Red Bull Jib-Ski Kings, Lukas climbed to the top of the podium once again at the North Face Night Battle. The event was organized by his team mate Markus
Eder in Kronplatz Brunico, Austria. Lukas was not intimidated by the huge gap and by the crowd and dominated the competition with buttery style and
outstanding technical skiing.
Congrats LUKAS!



Great results for our ladies at the Nine Queens contest in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Austria!
Emma Dahlström won the most important title: the "Big Air Ruler of the week" category.
Silvia Bertagna, coming to the event as a rookie (she won the online video qualification), won the best trick trophy with her 360 double grab.
We can't wait to see what the men will throw down at the 9 Knights in Livigno!


Meet Lukas Shäfer , DALBELLO rookie ITW

DOB and Where: 09/09/1992

Sponsors: Dalbello, Völkl, Marker, Smith, Invicta, FTECH

Lives In: St. georgen Brunico.

Who are you? A 19 year old guy who loves skiing!

Accomplishments: 2nd overall tour ranking at the freestyle series 2011 ; 4th modena skipass invicta shogun 2011 ; 2nd O'Neill soldiers 2012 invitation to the springgingerle 2011 and 2012

What is skiing for you? Skiing is my life
What difference there is in alpine racing and freeski competitions? In alpine racing everybody is hunting the time and ski as fast as possible: every run looks the same. In freeski comps everybody shows his individual style and tries to impress the judges.

You are travelling a lot, when you are not skiing what are you doing? I'm hitting the trampoline, skating, going for a work out, cutting some edits... there are many things I do!

You are young and starting your career now, where do you want to go as a Pro skier? I want to compete in international competitions. X Games is my dream for sure. Also filming with a big movie production and travelling a lot to ski different places in the world!

To reach your level how much is mental and how much is physical? You have to be strong: it's important to have some muscles to stay safe. And it's important to be focused and to think positive all the time! So the mental part is really important. I try not being hectic before comps, just be calm and stay focused!

How much of your personality is in your skiing? A lot! I feel so good in my ski gear and when I ski I'm in a different world!

You are just back from an injury, how is it to come back? And what about the moments
when you are down? It's such a good feeling to be back! It's really hard to be injured and see your friends shredding... but you have to think positive because every injury goes by!

You got some special secret about equipment or setup that you have learned in your
career? It's an advantage to have waxed and a well prepared skis!

What will be the natural progression of skiing? Everybody will rise to his level. Maybe we will see some more different triples. Hopefully not in comps... hopefully skiing will go more in the direction of style and not to spin to win. In my mind it's style that makes our sport so awesome!

What are your projects for this season? I'm filming a bit with an Italian movie production and with my buddies from enjoy snow. We are producing a few episodes and a little movie at the end of the season. I will do some more comps as well and I'm looking forward to the Springgingerle! In the summer I will go to Val Senales and maybe to NZ as well!

Any skier that you admire? Markus Eder. He is a good friend of mine and it was awesome to see him become one of the best skiers of Europe. He inspires me a lot!

What your preferred trick? And terrain? I definitely prefer style tricks. Cork 5 blunt, cork 7
dub nose or flat 3 japan. I like skiing park a lot but if there is pow or snow in the city you
can find me in the backcountry or on urban spots as well

Last words: enjoy every day on snow and push your limits but be sure to stay safe and
wear a helmet!



The Red Bull Jib-Ski Kings ended with a dominant performance by the Dalbello Team! The victory went to
Team rider Lukas Schäfer, who brought his best game and would not be denied. “Iʼm very happy for what I
did at the event – explained the winner – the last run was perfect and I hoped I could get a victory. In the end I got it!”.
The second one on the podium was another Dalbello rider: Valentino Mori, while the third was the Finnish
skier Markus Fohr. One of the participants was a girl from our Team, Silvia Bertagna , who fearlessly competed against men. The young Italian freeski player Markus Eder, could not take part in the event due to an injury, but he was on site as a judge, judging his pro “,colleagues”.


Dalbello at the top of the Freeride World Tour

ROLDAL, NORWAY. 28rd February 2012 After the Norwegian stop of the FWT our Kiwi super star Sam Smoothy is leading the rankings of the Freeride World Tour and Jackie Paaso is in second place.
In Roldal, Sam confirmed that he is at the top of his game. He has a total of 6680 points and his nearest challenger is over 1310 points behind him. “It was really important for me to perform well here,” Sam said. “I fulfilled my objective: to stay on the top of the rankings.” Now there are only two more events to go and both Sam than Jackie have great possibilities to win the title. It will be a really exciting end of the Tour.


Goepper & Dalbello shine at the Dew Tour Championships!

February 12, 2012; Snow Basin, Utah _ Dalbello Team Member, Nick Goepper, completed his rise to the top today by dominating the field to win the Slopestyle competition at the final stop of The Winter Dew Tour at Snow Basin, Utah. Nickʼs smooth style and uncanny ability to hold his tricks until the last second left no doubt in the minds of the judges, NBC TV commentators and thousands of cheering spectators of who the deserving winner was.
Nick's road to the top was paved with technical rails and massive jumps, as he completed the Dew Tour podium cycle for the season (a first, second and third, this year). He started with a 450 on 270 off on the first feature, followed by a front swap backside 450 out, and a switch 270 onto the cannon box with a rodeo 450 out. He continued into the jumps with a switch left side double 1080 on the first jump and a huge switch right side double 1440 on the second. In the end no one elseʼs score was even close. "I'm excited,” said Goepper. I've been so close all season and to finally get on top feels incredible."
It was just as easy to note who wasnʼt in Dalbello, as those who were, considering that six of the twelve finalists were rocking the infamous IL Moro T. Fellow Dalbello Team athlete, Chris Laker, finished just off the podium in fourth. He was followed by Dalbello athlete Russ Henshaw and Alex Bellemare earning Dalbello four of the top six results.
On the womenʼs side, Dalbello skier, Devin Logan, continued her dominant season in halfpipe by winning the
event as well as the coveted Dew Cup (overall Tour winner).


“Attack of la Niña “ Athlete extra – Jacob Wester

Check out Jake shredding throughout La Niña winter od 2010/11. Location include Silverston CO, Aspen CO, Breckenridge CO and Chatter Creek BC .
Credits : MSP FILMS