Developed by legendary freeride skier and mountaineer Glen Plake. SHERPA is for the new generation of alpine touring riders; many with a downhill skiing background who are looking for a touring boot with uncompromising crossover performance.....both uphill and downhill. Developed for comfort and lightweight handling, and engineered to be powerful enough to steer long, wide, modern big mountain skis through the most difficult snow and terrain conditions.

Cabrio Design - 3 Piece Overlap Construction

Cabrio Design derives it name from its lower shell architecture, which is completely open above the instep, and forward & rearward of the tibia (open top = cabrio). Cabrio Design combines a shell/cuff/tongue assembly to complete the ski boot structure. This configuration permits the use of very stiff and lightweight materials in the lower shell. Lightweight, stiff materials help to more efficiently amplify the skiers’ power to the ski while expending less energy. The SHERPA Cabrio Design permits the cuff & tongue of the boot to move smoothly and consistently with the leg during walking, climbing, gliding & striding. The result: incredible boot-to-foot closure and comfort with smooth consistent fore and aft movement for easy glide/stride with power and performance seldom found in a touring boot.

Bio-Stride Tongue

External shell tongue which is constructed from resilient and responsive polyamide nylon plastic. Bio-Stride is a patented two-piece hinging tongue assembly that permits the tongue to follow the movement of the leg throughout its glide/stride/walking range of motion, either forwards or backwards. When the WALK mechanism is open, the tongue hinges backwards to enhance walkability and gliding, by facilitating a longer fore/aft range of cuff movement. When flexed forward, the two tongue pieces lock together to function as a solid, one-piece tongue. A new, second hinge point - above the instep – extends flex range and facilitates

Low Hinging Cuff + Twin Axle Ski Walk Mechanism

SHERPA models feature a high leverage cuff assembly with hinge points mounted approximately 10 cm lower than standard construction AT boot designs. The LOW HINGING CUFF permits the boot cuff to more easily follow the natural movement of the skier’s legs because it has a longer range of forward and rearward hinging motion. The Twin Axle Walk/Ski Mechanism compliments the movement range by incorporating two sets of hinges: one hinge for forward flex, and a separate hinge to extend the rearward range of movement.

AT Norm Sole w/Vibram + Alloy Tech Inserts

Rockered geometry, lugged Vibram® rubber outsole facilitates walking, climbing, and high traction utility for off-piste functionality. All SHERPA models may be used with ISO 9523 Alpine Touring Norm bindings; SHERPA models featuring Alloy Tech Inserts may be used with tech insert compatible AT bindings. SHERPA models are not designed for use with Alpine DIN Norm ski bindings.

I.D THERMO Custom Fit Systems

I.D. Thermo TOUR Innerboots are featured on Sherpa models 7/3 & 5/5.  Featruing an extremely lightweight and warm construction with lace up tongue plus a flexible rear cuff bellows insert to improve walking functionality and comfort. NOTE: ID Thermo Tour liners require a shorter heating time cycle than traditional ID Thermo/Intuition liners.  SHERPA 2/8 model features ID Thermo “FLEX” custom fit innerboots.