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Name:Caja Schoepf Nationality:Germany Team:DB International Style:Freeskier

Clame of Fame


What I like:
I like to travel around the world, see amazing places, meet interesting people and experience adventures. I also like home, being with my family and relax with friends. I like the nature, especially the mountains and the ocean. I like all kind of physical practice as long as it’s outside. I like summer and winter the same. I like bonfires, friends, strong sunsets and I really like to laugh, also about myself.

What I dream:
I’m dreaming of travelling all life long to see the whole world. I’m also dreaming of having a big farm once, with chickens, cows, sheeps, horses, etc. I dream of a country with perfect mountains and warm beaches not far away and all year around. I dream of becoming princess of Bavaria one day.

What I feel:
I feel being in harmony with myself and enjoying the freedom. I feel lucky about how my life is and I’m living my life. I feel passionate about what I’m doing, I feel love, balance and happiness.

What I cannot stay without:
Family, travelling, friends, sports, mountains, ocean.

What I dislike or like in others and in me:
In others I dislike it, if people are taking themselves too serious without any sense for humor. I dislike people, who are not honest and without any ethical values. For myself, I dislike my impatience sometimes and that I can’t realx very good.
What I like in others, is when they can laugh about themselves, being authentic in what they feel and think. I like it, when people are straight and say out loud what they think and feel. I like being real, authentic, passionate, respectful and warm. I like caring people, because, what goes around, comes around.

What is hot/cool or not:
Hot is dancing Salsa, Beach&Waves, Mojitos, Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil, Salty hairs my jeans hot pants and hot chocolate.
Cool is Skiing, Icecream, Bavaria, Mountains, Beer, healthy food, fruit smoothies, fresh powder and Latin America.
Not cool is being unfaithful, unthankful, respect less and mistreating the nature.

My ambition to the future:
No injuries, realizing all my ideas and dreams, living my life with love, passion and appreciation.

My greater fear:
Serious illness, injuries and if anything bad happens to family and friends.

Some wisdom words:
Everything happens for a reason. Good things fall apart, so that better things can happen.
What goes around, comes around.


Kr 2 Lotus

Kr 2 Lotus


Dalbello DB Team