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Name:Josh Bishop Nationality:USA Team:DB National Style:Freestyle

Clame of Fame

Introducing the Melbourne shuffle to the dance floors in Breckenridge CO.


Born: Portland, Maine
Sponsors: Dalbello, Scott USA, Purl Wax, Surface Skis, and JIBIJ Pro Shop
Hometown/where you learned to ski: Newport, New Hampshire/ Sunapee, New Hampshire
Age when you started skiing: 3 years old on cross country skis.
1st Time Skiing: My first turns were made at a local golf course. The first time I skied at an actual mountain I was nine-years-old. The elementary school gave us the opportunity to sell magazines and do other fundraisers in fourth and fifth grade. Each participant was allowed to ski every Tuesday at Mount Sunapee during the winter. They stet us up with skis, tickets, and lunch. The program was so much fun and was a tremendous influence on my skiing.
Skiing Background: I took lessons as a kid, then raced throughout high school. Skipping school each week for races, skiing everyday after school, and learning how to turn on ice were really beneficial to my skiing. But, racing was not enough to keep me occupied. I never wore a speed suit, I skipped practice to play in the park, and I would ski switch through the last few gates.
Breakthrough Moment: Attending Camp Revolution at Mount Hood and moving west after high school.
Claim to Fame: Claiming is so last year.
Favorite Terrain: Trees, Park, Pipe.
Dream Conditions: Dropping cliffs in the trees into chest deep snow followed by bluebird, semi-soft, warm, afternoon in the park.
Riding Style: Fun, fluid, and relaxed. Nothing forced.
The Best Thing About Skiing: Fun, Friends, and the opportunity to challenge yourself physically and mentally.
The Worst Thing About Skiing: Injuries, down days, and finances.
The Best Training For Skiing: Trail Running, Cycling, and spending time in the gym.
Worst Injury from Skiing: Separated AC Joint, operations on both big toes, and a pinched nerve in my back.
What is freeskiing for u? Freedom, Limitless Entertainment, Friends, Travelling, and Living life to the fullest.
Is freeskiing evolving and what are the trends u see coming next season? Freeskiing is evolving at an alarming rate. Double corks with grabs held to the ground are becoming the norm, urban skiing is challenging the status quo, and tricks that were considered groundbreaking last year ago will be seen at every competition throughout the season. Ski technology, athlete support, and companies without ties in snow sports are beginning to recognize freeskiing and work with athletes. World records are being broken for highest air in a quarter pipe and largest cliff drop. Ski movies look better and better each year and more skiers develop their own style and approach to skiing.
Is style important? Does Glen Plake have a marketable hairstyle?
Describe a perfect day on the mountain, no limits, just dreaming: I Drive to the mountain before the chair opens to find 5-7 feet of fresh snow with bluebird skies, zero avalanche danger, no lift lines, I ski trees all morning, dropping cliffs, skiing with friends, and getting shots. After shredding trees for 5 hours, I proceed to an afternoon park shoot in Mount Hood where we session a line of 2 jumps into a quarter pipe. The shoot goes well into the evening, everyone stomps their tricks, no one gets hurt, and every photographer and filmer gets an incredible shot. Afterwards, we head back to a luxurious meal prepared by an immaculate sushi chef and review the footage.
Superstitions: I try to sleep North to South and stretch every night before bed.
Favorite Music: Nas, Biggie, Big L, DL, Heiro, Sizzla, Dilated Peoples, Gangstarr, Common, Patrice, Scarface, AZ, Chopin, and Miles Davis
Favorite Band: Too many options, for the sake of comedy, let’s say Dirt Nasty.
Favorite Movie: The Paper Chase
Favorite Ski Flick: Royalty by Eric Iberg
Video Game System: PlayStation
Other Toys: TomTom GPS navigator, I-Pod, and MacBook
Other Sports/Activities: Running, Hiking, Spinning,
Advice: Enjoy every aspect of life, learn from negative experiences, and use each situation as an opportunity to grow.


Il Moro "T" I.D.

Il Moro "T" I.D.


Dalbello DB Team