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Name:KC Deane Nationality:USA Team:DB National Style:Freeskier

Clame of Fame


KC Deane has been seen on the pages of nearly every ski magazine and has several movie credits under his belt as well. Powder Magazine called him out for having “one of the best segments a Voleurz film has ever seen in Look on the Bright Side.” He currently has a feature segment in this year’s Voleurz film That’s Fine.
A big part of KC’s recent story revolves around a nasty skiing accident in which he broke his neck in May of 2010. The Doctors thought he’d never ski again… They were sooo wrong! Check out the video to hear him tell the story to ESPN: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=5792851
What are your plans for the upcoming season?
Ski as much as possible. Have a trip to Japan lined up, Swatch skiers cup, and shooting/filming as much as I can.
What sort of training regimen do you use? What is your least favorite part of training?
A lot of biking, as well as going to the gym 5-6 days a week. Dealing with meatheads at the gym is probably the worst part.
When you weren’t training (or skiing) this summer what were you up to?
I spent two and a half months in South America skiing, and I also got in a bit of surfing. When I was in North America I spent the majority of my time biking.
Where do you want to be in five years? Twenty years?
In five years, still skiing hard filming and skiing every year. In twenty retired surfing everyday and hell skiing when I feel like it, haha.
Is the glass half empty or half full?
It’s half full, just have to find a mixer.
What is on your iPod right now?
Misfits, Moby, The Submarines, Iron Maiden, Lil Wayne.
What is your sport of choice?
I am skier. Although I do many different sports, skiing is my main focus and it has allowed me to travel and meet awesome people all over the world.

What gear are you rockin' this year?
This year I'm on the Moment Night Train Skis and Moment poles. Marker Jester Bindings. Dalbello Il Moro T ID. POW Re-stealth mitt. Dragon DX-i. Yowies for the face. CTi knee braces Moment Elko Jacket, Arlington pant. BCA Beacon, BCA guide shovel, Bern Macon carbon Helmet, Spacecraft Threads, evo socks!!!

What do you think about Dalbello ? Any skier or boot fitter worth a damn will tell you what’s on your feet is most important – then you can focus on what’s under them. I spend a lot of time in my boots. Our crews are out before dawn and stay out far past sunset. My Dalbello boots ski great and feel incredible the entire time. They let me do my job without pain like no other boots. Miserable feet do not work. Period.


Il Moro "T" I.D.

Il Moro "T" I.D.


Dalbello DB Team