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Name:Kelly Sildaru Nationality:Estonia Team:DB National Style:Freeskier

Clame of Fame


Name: Kelly Sildaru
Born: 17.02.2002
Hometown/where you learned to ski: Tallinn
Age when you started skiing: I was around 2 when I was on skis for the first time.
What’s are your plan for the upcoming season ? To ski as much as possible and take part of different competitions.
Favorite Terrain: Park and backcountry.
Dream Conditions: Fresh snow, bluebird and warm sun.
Riding Style: I guess I don`t have one yet but I´m working on it.
The Best Thing About Skiing: Having quality time in fresh air
The Worst Thing About Skiing: Possibility of getting hurt or injured.
The Best Training For Skiing: Skiing itself
Worst Injury from Skiing: For me it has been broken collarbone, which I got by just skiing down not doing any tricks, but I bet for skiers every injury is the worst at the moment.
What is freeskiing for u? Skiing everywhere possible without limits.
What is Dalbello for you ? It is my success, giving me an opportunity to feel absolute comfort while skiing, performing tricks. It is basis of skiing.
Where do you want to be in five years ? Twenty years ? After five years I want to be getting ready for high school. Twenty years is too far in the future, it is twice as far as I have history.
Describe a perfect day on the mountain, no limits, just dreaming: Having everything, fresh snow, blue sky, sunshine and a supernatural power of stomping anything you can imagine.
Superstitions: Don`t have
Favorite Music: Most of all I listen what the radio plays, pop music maybe.
Favorite Movie:Mr.Bean has become my new favorite.
Video Game System: Wii Super Mario Bros
Other Toys: Barbie, Monster High, Bratz, I pad
Other Sports/Activities: Too many, I like doing lots of thing, iceskating, cross-country skiing, longboarding, wakeboarding, soccer, basketball, riding a bicycle and so on.
Words to Live and Die By: Don`t know how it translates, but I will give it a try. You are your destiny and the founder of your luck.


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