Dalbello DB Team


Name:Sam Smoothy Nationality:New Zealand Team:DB International Style:Freeride

Clame of Fame

I’m not famous but if I had a claim maybe biggest the chin in the Wanaka scene.


Born: 06/07/86
Hometown/where you learned to ski: Wanaka
Age when you started skiing: Around 2.
1st Time Skiing: It had snowed downtown Wanaka and my parents strapped me in and pushed me down a hill and I stuck it!
Skiing Background: 5 years race training GS specialist
Breakthrough Moment: Placing 3rd in the Nationals Big Mountain in my first year in the NZ Open.
Favorite Terrain: Steep and deep full of funky cliffs and lips to smack up.
Dream Conditions: A fun crew of buddies and unlimited chopper time during an all time season in Alaska.
Riding Style: 2 parts Fast, 1 part aggressive mixed with 3 parts playful, strained over ice. Get Loose!
The Best Thing About Skiing: Is getting to ski around the world in beautiful locales and meet beautiful locals.
The Worst Thing About Skiing: Sacrifices for the lifestyle generally forgetting about having money, nice things or long term relationships of the female kind.
The Best Training For Skiing: Skiing. Period.
Worst Injury from Skiing: Been pretty lucky just knee niggles and minor bones.
Superstitions: Being careful on birthdays… broke my left ankle on my 13th and 17th birthdays.
Favorite Music: Good old fashioned rock and roll.
Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin.
Favorite Movie: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Favorite Ski Flick: Ski Porn.
Video Game System: Xbox
Other Toys: Ruckus, I love to ride my bicyclev
Other Sports/Activities: Biking, live music and partying
Advice: Don’t ever ask me for advice just learn from my mistakes.


Kr 2 PRO I.D.

Kr 2 PRO I.D.


Dalbello DB Team