The first Dalbello brand ski boot rolled off the assembly line at the company's factory in Casella d'Asolo Italy in March, 1974. That boot would be the first of more than 10 million additional pair to be sold over the years to come.


Although Dalbello began producing ski boots in 1974, founders Alessandro and Giovanna Dal Bello perfected their trade as ski boot building ''artisans'' at the Henke ski boot factory in Switzerland in the early 1960’s. Upon returning to Italy with their new, young, family, they started stitching leather ski boot uppers for Henke under contract. ''Although we were happy to be back in Italy, as contract component manufacturers, we were limited in our ability to showcase our real talents as ski boot craftsmen. We knew that our ideas and creativity were not being efficiently utilized, and we were confident that we could make a better business producing ski boots on our own, “said Alessandro Dal Bello, CEO. So, that's exactly what they did. The first Dalbello ski boots were sold in Austria in 1974.

The 70's was an incredible decade for the ski industry. New ideas and breakthrough technologies were the norm as innovative new designs in skis, boots, binding, clothing, and after ski articles hit the market. Dalbello and its engineers were key contributors to this technological revolution, as the times encouraged taking risks and pushing the developmental envelope. The defining moment of the ski boot business in the 70's was the ultimate transformation from leather to plastic.


The acquired experience and close collaboration with other brand leaders in the market helped the company to develop and refine its know-how and expertise in manufacturing technologies.

During the 80’s, the high quality standards and the exceptional fit of Dalbello ski boots gave rise to its presence in select international markets. It was, however, only at the beginning of the 90’s that the company began to achieve strong commercial success in the most important international export markets: North America, Germany, and Austria. From there, Dalbello developed a homogeneous network of distributors in all the other countries of the world; from Japan to Australia and throughout the rest of Europe.


The new millennium ushered in a new skiing attitude complete with a “freeskiing” lifestyle. All the old rules were broken and Dalbello’s Rider Development Project was born. RDP is the brainchild of the legendary freeskier Glen Plake. The RDP initiative brings professional skiers together with Dalbello R&D engineers with the sole objective of creating the best performing ski boots in the world. Initiated to inspire innovation in ski boots by challenging all conventional assumptions that govern how ski boots need to look and function, RDP models are among the most radically unique and technically innovative ski boots in the world. Over the past few seasons, the project team has grown to include legendary freestyler and  X-Games Champion Tanner Hall , Jf Houle, Markus Eder, Sean Pettis and many more .

more than 10 million pairs of skyboots proudly made in italy

Alessandro Dal Bello has never looked back, having grown the company by continually investing in new technologies and skilled personnel who have been challenged to develop better and more creative ski boot designs.
“The year 2011 marks a very special achievement in Dalbello’s history. “ says Alessandro “ This year, we will produce our 10,000,00th pair of ski boots. We couldn’t have reached this important milestone without the trust and support of our partners in the skiing community, and without our hardworking and dedicated team all working together. As the future of ski equipment continues to evolve and change, Dalbello Ski Boots will continue to be there building the best ski boots in the world. “

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