Dalbello offers different fitting lasts with varying degrees of foot hold and support to perfectly match the performance and comfort requirements of different skiers. Last shape numbers refer to the straight line measurement in millimeters inside the boot shell across the forefoot. In general: lower volume boots (<100mm) fit very closely to the foot and use thinner innerboots. Their precise and sensitive fit provides quick and responsive power transfer to the ski. Higher volume boots (>104mm) have more space inside the shell, permit the use of more padding in the innerboots and are designed to provide maximum comfort and insulation.


Performance fitting cabrio design last shape in all KR TWO models features extreme tapering in rearfoot and achille’s zones with comfort fit forefoot volume. Dalbello’s most accurate and close fitting anatomic last shape features innovative Contour 4 fit technology.


Fitting last for freeride, freestle and performance big mountain skiers used in RDP models Il Moro and Rampage. More Envelopes the anatomical contours of the foot and lower leg for maximum foot retention with enhanced sensitivity and responsiveness.


Based on Scorpion’s last shape, Viper/Mantis lasts combine a wider, relaxed fit, with an asymmetric toe box for versatile fitting. Men’s Viper models feature new performance 100mm last. Women’s Mantis models feature a unique, “lady’s only” 99mm last. Both feature the innovative Contour 4 fit technology.


Exclusive Dalbello Technology: Developed to permit skiers to regulate overall boot width - from a range of 101mm to 103mm - when closure tension on toe buckle is increased or decreased. “Set it, and forget it”. Once VVF has been set, Panterra models may be skied/put on/taken using remaining 3 buckles.


The Kyra Series is a 100% women’s specific boot series. Developed for athletic and ambitious all mountainskiers seeking easy handling convenience and fitting versatility


Extremely versatile fitting last combines an expanded volume forefoot and toe box area with a close fitting rearfoot and ankle area. Comfortably accommodates a wide range of foot shapes with max foothold and exceptional comfort.


Dalbello’s most accommodating fit last provides immediate and enduring comfort. Extra shell-fit volume fits wide feet comfortably and permits the use of softer cushioning and insulating materials in the innerboot.